Entertainment In Charleston SC – Check Out These Top Places To Visit

It’s time to have a little fun in Charleston SC, and you need to know what kind of entertainment awaits you. There are so many interesting things to do in Charleston that it will make your head spin. Get ready for some adventures, and try to stop by these four popular attractions in Charleston if you want the best in entertainment.

The South Carolina Aquarium is located at 100 Aquarium Wharf at the Charleston Harbor. It features a sea turtle hospital, an albino alligator, a Madagascar exhibit and so much more according to the reviews. Have fun observing the river otters, the enormous barracudas and so much more. You will also find out that part of your experience is outdoors, including the salt marsh aviary.

There are plenty of places to visit to learn about the history in Charleston, but perhaps none is better than the Charleston Museum. Located at 360 Meeting Street, the Charleston Museum features many interesting exhibits, including a whale skeleton, wedding dresses, a silver collection and stuffed animals. Talk about diversity, and I would love to see that whale skeleton. The artifacts at the museum aren’t just from Charleston either.

Get ready for Rainbow Row, which is located along a particular portion of East Bay Street. These colorful houses feature beautiful architecture, and reviews mention that Rainbow Row is a great place of interest to visit before or after you go to Battery Park and White Point Garden. You can take a walking tour at Rainbow Row, or you can drive by of you like as well.

Next up is the Morris Island Lighthouse. You can get a good view of this lighthouse from Folly Beach, or you can opt to venture on over to Morris Island. One person says to get to the Lost Dog Cafe for a delicious breakfast after enjoying a trip to see the Morris Island Lighthouse. That sounds like a great experience, and it is an interesting trek to make in order to get right in front of the lighthouse.

Morris Island, Rainbow Row, The Charleston Museum, The South Carolina Aquarium and so much more awaits you. That’s a pretty good short list of some favorite things to do in Charleston SC, don’t you think? Out of those top four attractions, I think I would probably visit the aquarium first, but I like all of them and especially the idea of stopping by the lighthouse on Morris Island.